Study in FT UNSRI

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Every year, students from various regions in Indonesia came to Palembang to study at the Faculty of Engineering UNSRI. They come because the education system in the Faculty of Engineering at UNSRI particularly good value, because the quality and value standards are always high.


1. Programs and Studies Program, Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering has five Departments and two Program study:

  1. Department of Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Mining Engineering
  3. Department of Chemical Engineering
  4. Department of Electrical Engineering
  5. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  6. Architectural Engineering Study of program
  7. Geological Engineering Study of Program


2. Standardization and Quality of Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Department that has been Accredited eithe


Department / Program Study Accredited
1 Department of Civil Engineering A
2 Department of Mining Engineering B
3 Department of Chemical Engineering A
4 Department of Electrical Engineering B
5 Department of Mechanical Engineering B
6 Architectural Engineering Study of program A
7 Geological Engineering Study of Program -

















Faculty of Engineering UNSRI provides facilities for both teaching and learning tools , student activities and sports

1 . Learning space

Faculty of Engineering building to provide a learning tool for student activities separate from the administration building and building courses so students can learn comfortably without any disturbance of the activity of administration . Equipped with air conditioned room facilities will make the students more comfortable learning activities .


2 . Laboratory each Department

In addition to the lecture building of the Faculty of Engineering is also equipped with various laboratories in accordance with the Department each - each


Department of Civil Engineering
  1. Lab. Materials and Concrete
  2. Lab. Soil Mechanics
  3. Lab. Highways
  4. Lab. Surveys and Measurement
  5. Lab. Structure
  6. Lab. Fluid Mechanics and Hydro
  7. Lab. Construction management
  8. Lab. Studio Image
  9. Lab. Studio Computer
Department of Mining Engineering
  1. Lab. Mapping of Geology and Geological Structure
  2. Lab. Mineralogy and Petrology
  3. Lab. Minerals Processing
  4. Lab. Coal
  5. Lab. Hydrogeological and Exploration
  6. Lab. Geo-Mechanical
  7. Lab. Oil industry
  8. Lab. Drilling and Blasting
  9. Lab. Studio Computer
  10. Lab. Mine Measurement Science
  11. Lab. Mineral analysis
Department of Chemical Engineering
  1. Lab. Chemical Equilibrium
  2. Lab. Bioprocess
  3. Lab. OTK Process Unit
  4. Lab. OTK Operations Unit
  5. Lab. CHEM - CAD
Department of Electrical Engineering
  1. Lab. High Voltage
  2. Lab. Electrical measurements
  3. Lab. Telecommunication
  4. Lab. Digital control
  5. Lab. Electronics and Circuit
  6. Lab. Electrical Machinery
  7. Lab. Control and Robotics
  8. Lab. Electromagnetic Field Phenomena
Department of Mechanical Engineering
  1. Lab. Energy Conversion
  2. Lab. Basic phenomenon of Machine
  3. Lab. Technology Mechanics ( Workshop )
  4. Lab. Consturction Machine
  5. Lab. CNC-CAD/CAM
  6. Lab. Metallurgy
  7. Lab. Corrosion
  8. Lab. Gas Energy
  9. Lab. Studio Image
Architectural Engineering Program
  1. Lab. Historical & Architectural Preservation
  2. Lab. Science & Technology Building
  3. Lab. Architecture & Planning Studio Drawing
  4. Lab. Computer & CAD
  5. Lab. Settlement & Urban
Geology Engineering Program  






















































3. Library and Reading Room

Each Department in the Faculty of Engineering also provides a library and Reading Room are equipped with handbooks, journals - journals and books - books written by both domestic and foreign. This will facilitate students in finding materials coursework, both papers, until the final project.



4. Internet access and the Hotspot areas in the Faculty of Engineering

To facilitate student access to the Internet, the Faculty of Engineering also provides internet access and hotspot areas that can be accessed 24 hours non-stop.



5. Sports Arena

Faculty of Engineering also provides sports arena for the students, there are many sports fields that students can use outside of lecture hours both for training and for tournament activities, among others, futsal, volleyball court, and basketball court