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Admission Guide & How to Apply

Admissions through USM applied to prospective students who are interested in following the course of education at undergraduate level ( S1 ) , S0 strata course ( Diploma ) are implemented in Unsri secondary college campus in Palembang , Graduate courses ( S2/S3 ) , the program specialists , as well as professionalism program ( Teaching Certificate , Accounting , etc. ) . The registration process of participants and implementation USM S1 and Diploma courses , conducted in Unsri secondary campuses in Palembang by a special committee appointed by the Executive Board . The registration process of participants and implementation USM Postgraduate courses , Program Specialist , Program Management Megister , and Professional Accounting Program , conducted by one - each unit is working in coordination with the Rector of Sriwijaya University . Graduate Study Programme Admission Selection , Selection mechanism defined following the PPS.


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Entrance exam (USM)
The new admissions process through the local USM conducted by a special committee established by the Rector of the University of Sriwijaya . Registration time publicly announced through mass media and websites . Application forms are available on the committee on Unsri secondary campuses in Palembang at the time of registration . Written examinations carried out simultaneously in Unsri secondary campuses in Palembang. Procedure (sequence activities) are as follows :

  1. Payment of the cost of the selection / purchase application form through bank account specified .
  2. Decision on the registration form where indicated to carry proof of payment (point 1 ) and other requirements specified file .
  3. Return the completed form and attached to the file specified requirements at the time and place specified .
  4. Following the written examination at the time and place specified by the Participant USM bring the original card .
  5. graduation announcement through the website Unsri .
  6. Those who pass are required to re-register ( registration ) online at the place and time specified .