Scholarship Program

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For students UNSRI provide scholarships, however the amount available each year is limited, and the competition to get very tight, and if you do not meet all of these requirements, your application will not be considered.



1 . Scholarships and grants in the Faculty of Engineering

There are many scholarships available in UNSRI , among other scholarships

  1. Supersemar Scholarship
  2. Academic achievement scholarships Improvement ( PPA )
  3. Student Learning Assistance ( BBM )
  4. Scholarship PDPDE
  5. BI Bank Scholarship
  6. Extracurricular Achievement Scholarship Enhancement ( PPE )
  7. Independent Achievement Scholarship
  8. Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
  9. Regular ConocoPhillips Scholarship Students
  10. ConocoPhillips Scholarship Student Achievement
  11. Scholarship BSDN - BP Migas
  12. Scholarship PT . Medco E & P Indonesia
  13. Toyota -Astra Scholarship Foundation
  14. Scholarship Alumni Association ( IKA ) UNSRI
  15. Employee Welfare Foundation Scholarship Pertamina ( YKPP )



2 . determination of Terms

Determination of requirements include student scholarships are outstanding students and have a cumulative grade index according to the standard requirements, but it also include a certificate student is unable ( for students who are less able )



3 . Search Information

Scholarships are usually announced by the University on the website and to any Faculty , and will forward the notice to each Department and Program in the Faculty . So every student in the Department and Program that is , have the same chance to get the scholarship .